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The 10 College Football Moments I’m Thankful For

College football is an incredible thing, and it’s had its share of memorable moments. From the band on the field to Hail Flutie, every generation of fan has witnessed many unbelievable plays. So to show how thankful I am for this sport, I decided to countdown the 10 most memorable plays that I’ve been fortunate enough to watch in my lifetime.

10. The Piss & Miss- Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss, 2019

The first entry on this list is also the most subjective. I was lucky enough to be sitting in the student section right behind that goal post to witness this piece of performance art. I’ve always said that nothing captures the true essence of college football like the Egg Bowl. No other game offers the same combination of passion, chaos, and incredibly low stakes every single year.

Bonus: this wasn’t even this first dog pee Egg Bowl.

9. Crabtree Calls Game- Texas Tech vs. Texas, 2008

This play was the zenith of Mike Leach’s career. The most talented player on his most talented team making an insane play to upset the number one team in the country.

8. Johnny Football Magic- Texas A&M vs. Alabama, 2012

Even to this day I can’t believe this play happened. Before this game I was firmly on the “Johnny is overrated” train, but his performance totally changed my mind. P.S. we miss you Uncle Verne.

7. The Statue of Liberty- Boise State vs. Oklahoma, 2007

The play that started the closest thing to a Group of 5 dynasty we’ve ever seen. The fact that it was a follow up to a picture-perfect hook and ladder makes it even sweeter. Chris Peterson had the cajones to let the game be decided by one play, and showed the world that to win big at a small school you’ve gotta swing for the fences.

6. The Hit- South Carolina vs. Michigan, 2013

Once again, I am incredibly biased, but this is definitely the most rewatchable play out of this entire group. After one of the worst officiating blunders I have ever seen, the football gods possessed the body of Jadeveon Clowney to right the wrong in one single play. Surround sound was invented to listen to this play on repeat. The moral of this story: ball don’t lie.

5. Cam’s Heisman Moment- Auburn vs. LSU, 2010

On the surface, this play doesn’t seem that impressive. So let’s break it down. First, Cam runs straight through the teeth of the LSU defense. A defense that finished the year 11th in the country. Also a defense that was anchored by the 300 pound monster that is Drake Nevis. A quarterback should not be able to do this. Second, Cam casually jukes three guys like he’s a 6′ 6″, 250lb Barry Sanders. Finally, Cam hits the Nos and outruns Patrick Peterson to the endzone. For those who may not know, Peterson is very fast. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.34 seconds. That’s as fast as Mike Wallace, a guy who had a successful NFL career solely on the basis of being really fast. A human being Cam Newton’s size should not be able to do any of those things.

4. The Prayer at Jordan-Hare- Auburn vs. Georgia, 2013

Auburn Jesus is real y’all.

3. Joe Adams or Houdini?- Arkansas vs. Tennessee, 2011

One of the most unbelievable individual plays that nobody remembers because of how little it mattered. Arkansas won this game by a lot, and it didn’t affect the rest of the season at all, but this one play was so spectacular that it deserves to watched on repeat.

2. WHOA- Michigan State vs. Michigan, 2015

A play so memorable that it spawned multiple memes. The fact that I can recite Sean McDonough’s call from memory speaks for itself.

1. The Kick Six- Auburn vs. Alabama, 2013

What else could it have been? The Iron Bowl is basically the Egg Bowl that actually matters. Not only did this play decide the outcome of the fiercest rivalry in sports, not only did this play save the career of Gus Malzahn, not only did this play decide who would play for a national championship, it immortalized itself and everyone involved in the annals of sports history.

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